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Celebrate With Us!

In our Garden,celebration for any occasion is our motto!

We offer the relaxing and comforting area of our actual garden,where you can enjoy with your friends and family either your birthday,your wedding reception,wedding anniversasy or any occasion that you would like to celebrate!You can even perform your wedding!

Serving special greek cuisine is also something you can enjoy when your book our garden for your celebration day.We can customize the menu to your taste and needs thanks to the team of the "brother" of the Garden Bar, "Pelagos" restaurant.

Call us to make a booking at 0030 694 7482 201

Ladies and gentlemen,we are very happy to announce the Grand opening of The Garden Bar for this new summer season!On Sunday,April 30,our cafe and cocktail bar will be ready to welcome you all!Time to celebrate the event under the jasmine trees that are newly awakened and offer their wonderful scents so we can connect with the spirit of spring and summer,have some real fun and enjoy ourselves to the fullest!....

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"The Winter Garden": Grande Re-opening!

Ladies and Gentlemen we are pleased to announce the return of the Winter Garden for another season of great music, great company and lots of laughs..... We begin with a night of live music from MP2 followed by great tunes to party the night away..... We look forward to welcoming everyone, whether you are one of our regulars or brand new to this fabulous winter venue. Let's Party.....!!!!!!!!

Summer Happy Hours!

Every day from 6pm - 9pm

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Snapshots from previous events & happenings

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